⚡️ Why SaaS Growth Websites?

The problem

Launching a new website is hard, even though most of what makes a website is the same for every client. It takes a lot of time and effort to get a fresh website up and running and it's even harder to maintain it over time. Not to mention that it costs a lot of money.

Even if the initial launch is a success, we often see that a website doesn’t get better over time. Maintenance focuses on keeping the lights on and getting the most critical bugs fixed. Often there is no more budget for new features.

Website builders like Webflow, Wix and SquareSpace seem to solve this problem. However after a certain amount of pages the website becomes too complex to maintain, because of the lack of structure in the content.

The solution

We believe websites need to grow and get better over time. We maintain one code base that supports all the features a SaaS business needs. From this code base we create a website for each client. This means that each new feature isn’t made for one single client, but that all clients benefit and get increasingly better websites. The website is hosted on Vercel and the CMS is hosted on Sanity.

Most SaaS websites share a lot of features and most of them are block based, so called pancake pages. The Mawla Engine is a CMS that allows you to create a website with all the features SaaS businesses need in a matter of minutes. It's a one click deployment and editing can start right away.

The things that make the website unique are the content and the design. Both are managed through the CMS.

Should a client need to branch off from the main code base, we can do that. We can create a custom code base for them and maintain it separately.